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Some comments:

Saw the comments page on the website - It's a wonderful place to visit, and your photography is simply astounding. Your spirituality shines through on every page - the best of luck to you, your husband and Joshua!
Kind regards, David Brookes, www.spinninglizard.co.uk

I'm very impressed with your web site , had know Idea you had got this far with web design , plus all your other talents , while dealing with health issues , well done . You have a wonderful family . Marcus

I browsed through your website & was very impressed indeed,didnt know you are so involved in so many great creative activities & such a good photographer,would like to get the childrens book with your illustrations,got 2 granddaughters now from christopher & nina, Saskia

Hey Mischa, your web-sites are very well done, I wish you a lot of work with your creativity.I love your drawings in color very much.Love& Dance from Zorah www.zorahdancedesign.com

hey mischa thanks for sending me your web page . very nice and interesting . as it should be considering you come from such a talented family!!! tommy provo

In doing some research on the Panasonic Lumix, which I'm considering buying, I, through some path of fate, came across your beautiful and inspiring sight. (I just reread this and saw where I meant "site" - and then realized how much more fitting the word "sight" actually is.) How poignant and appropriate to the testimony of life. I love your photographs. Thank you so much for sharing such warm, intimate thoughts, and for creating one of the most inspiring websites I've visited. Gary

I really like your website and the art you make, the painting of the dolphins looks nice.

love this first steps of your website!Love you too. Carlos

Well done on your latest award victory. Good luck in all your ventures. Marguerite

I just thought I'd tell you that Tom's boss "raved about
her winning pic saying the lines of shade were like a prison from which he
escaped while he slept"I just thought you might like to know!

ola amigo, loved your webpage girl, what a talented lady(as if i didn't know
already!). i love the "misch art" bit in the centre, it makes me think of
tibetan monks for some reason. the paintings are very moving too. Emma

Your site looks great! It works very well on my computer and the images take a very short time to appear.
Your mother's site was fascinating Tina

I found you site very interesting. I was amazed at how many pages you have done!
Ian & Karen

WOW!!! Your site is amazing! You do have many talents. Rob Goldman

I´m so proud of you, so proud! Very nice photos!!!
I also believe in the higher forces, nothing just happens with any reason.
But I must say that lovely things happen to lovely people like you!!!
I would like to know more about it. Alex

Very Inspiring...some, infact a lot of amazing photographs wow. ....... speechless. Midge

your site looks really good. picture of cornwall made me want to go there to visit one day.you really did a good job. Alexis

Fantastic website. Alex

I have spent a long time browsing through your web site, I must say you are a very clever girl, you have covered so many subjects and made them all so interesting.

Your web site is great! I really like what you have done. Thanks for sharing
Italy , it was great! I hope all is well with you. Ann Marie


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