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About William Fulljames

William was born in Portsmouth, England in 1939. His family moved to the Isle of Wight the same year.

He studied at Portsmouth College of Art specializing in sculpture and wood-engraving, and later at Swansea College of Art in South Wales.

During the 1960s, with his wife and child, he travelled in Europe, living and working in Germany, Spain, Turkey and Greece. In 1971 he moved with his family to Ibiza where he has lived ever since.

He regularly exhibits in England with the Society of Wood-engravers, and has illustrated a number of books.

There is a permanent display of his sculptures at the Galeria Es Moli, Sta. Gertrudis.


Some of his exhibitions

1974 .....Collection of International Art "El Castillo" in Ibiza.
1974-80. Wood engravings and sculpure exhibitions:
..... ..... ..Sitges Gallery,Barcelona.
..... ..... ..Eliot Gallery, San Carlos, Ibiza
.... ..... .. Las Dalias Gallery, San Carlos, Ibiza
.... ..... .. Moreira Gallery, Javea
.... ..... .. Contemporary Art Museum of Ibiza
.... ..... .. Ibiza Graphic
1981-84.. Mensajero Gallery, Sta Eulalia, Ibiza
1985 ..... Ibiza in Salamanca
1984-94.. Art classes and exhibitions:
..... ..... ..Es Moli Gallery, sta Gertrudis, Ibiza
..... ..... ..Hotel Hacienda, San Miguel, Ibiza
..... ..... ..Pyke's Hotel, San Antonio, Ibiza
..... ..... ..Sant Cugat del Valles, Barcelona
1995 ..... Maloney Gallery, Ibiza
1997..... Can Bufi, Sta Eulalia, Ibiza
Cultural Centre of San Juan, Ibiza
1999..... Bambuddha Grove, Ibiza
2000-01..Es Moli Gallery, Ibiza
2003..... Ruta del Arte, Ibiza




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