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Rob Goldman workshop


Early life

From an early age I have been fortunate and have won many art competitions. When I was just 7 or 8 I won first prize for two ceramic masks I had made at the house of our neighbor, an exceptional artist called Mike Colpits, who made beautiful masks.

I also won countless end of term prizes for artwork in my local Spanish school in Ibiza. I think they got fed up with me winning all the time.

As I grew older I entered other competitions at local fiestas, at the age of 12 I won the first prize in a drawing competition, the prize was a beautiful painting by a well-known Spanish artist, Alfonso Costa.

When I was at college I won a Lions Club trip to Italy for 1 month as an art experience, and there I also won a painting competition.

With all these winnings I suppose my ego has been pampered! But it also definitely gives me the encouragement to carry on!


More recently I have won various local photography competitions and so I decided to enter something more international and I found the Lumix Award competition for digital photography on the Internet.
I was very pleased and excited when I heard in December that I had won the LUMIX AWARD. I am so grateful for this wonderful prize, a Lumix digital camera, a palmtop and a workshop with a professional photographer, Rob Goldman, in Tuscany this summer. I will be taking my partner, Alfredo and son, Joshua, who appears in the photo.

joshua sleeping
This prize feels like a reward for our efforts and it has given me inspiration and courage.
I am very excited about the new opportunities which are being presented to me and I hope to use them well.

Breastfeeding Competition

Category: Beauty

In 2005 I won a prize in a photographic competition promoting breastfeeding in Denia, through the Hospital de Marina Alta. This is the photograph of Mar and Opal (the baby). Thank you to their beauty that I was able to capture.
visit www.grupnodrissa.org to see other prizes

Breastfeeding Competition

Category: Family

In 2006 I again won a prize in the breastfeeding photographic competition in Denia, through the Hospital de Marina Alta. This is the photograph of Jo and her daughters Abigail and Natasha (the baby). An amazing mum of five children!























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